Monday, February 21, 2011

Double Bass Kaleidoscope

From 21st until 26th of March 2011 there will be the fourths international meeting of bassists at Kloster Michaelstein, the unique monastery complex set in magnificent surroundings where musical inspiration and creativity, intensive encounters with people from many nations and joint leisure activities will make the week a very special experience.
Although in previous years it was primarily focused on the rich experience and profound knowledge of well-known experienced musicians who have long been active on the international music scene, this time some "young wild ones" will get an opportunity to blow some fresh air into the double bass world:
The youngest double bass tutor who has ever taught at Michaelstein is probablySzymon Marciniak: although a Benjamin at 27 years old, already one of the greats when it comes to his career, most especially his stunning music playing. The career of Nicholas Walker could be termed spectacular. Despite his youth he can boast a unique multiple career as a specialist in viola da Gamba, a jazz musician, composer and double bass soloist. Catalin Rotarucontinues to be a talking point, with concert performances all round the globe of works that would seem impossible on the double bass. Also teaching for the first time at Michaelstein is Frithjof Grabner who is renowned as a soloist, chamber musician, orchestral musician and professor.
Ekkehard Beringer, principal bassist in the NDR Symphony Orchestra and a professor in Hanover, will win us over with his fresh approach as he did last year, and so will Bänz Oester, a singularly creative Swiss universal musician. We also meet Dane Roberts again (violone, historical double bass and viola da Gamba) and -eagerly anticipated and by popular demand- Angela Gebler. As in the previous two years, she will not only be catering for our physical wellbeing with movement exercises and massages but will once again bring with her great warmth and good humour, we can depend on that!


* Catalin Rotaru
* Nicholas Walker
* Bänz Oester
* Dane Roberts
* Ekkehard Beringer
* Frithjof-Martin Grabner
* Szymon Marciniak
* Angela Gebler

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