Sunday, February 20, 2011


BarcelonaBass Meeting

BarcelonaBass Meeting is, probably, the most important double bass event in Spain.
BarcelonaBass will gather some of the most active Spanish and international bass players who have chosen to join us in this great adventure. The spirit of service to the double bass community, both students and professionals, is what has moved us to organize such a big event: a place to meet, to share, to learn, to enjoy, to play double bass.....
Welcome to BarcelonaBass !!!!


* Thierry Barbé
* David Murray
* Michael Wolf
* Thomas Martin
* Toni Garcia
* Christine Hoock
Mario Rossy
* Andrew Ackerman
* Luis Cojal
* Jonathan Camps
* Horacio Fumero
* Simón García
* Frano Kakarigi
* Sávio de la Corte
* Xavier Puertas
* Christoph Rahn
* Diego Zecharies

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