Friday, June 17, 2011

Gabriele Ragghianti

The classes provide intensive individual meetings between students and teachers, and a series of group initiatives such as concerts, music workshops, lectures and interdisciplinary relationships among the different classes of instrument and between them and the course of composition. The ultimate goal is to organize musical activities of high artistic level, in order to increase the technical background of the students and provide an artistic and human training useful for the development of those qualities that are the necessary requirement for a work based on competence and effective mastery of the technical means.

Bass Professor: Gabriele Ragghianti

Period: from 03.08.2011 to 10.08.2011
Event Location: Riserva Naturale Zompo lo Schioppo, Via delle Ferriere 10, Morino, Italy,
Registration Deadline: 30.06.2011
Costs: € 300 (Active Students)
Telephone: +39 0863 978809

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