Saturday, February 20, 2010

The New Colofonium Bassquartett

Original Works for 1-13 Double Basses

01.Daryl Runswick - Suite and Low, Strauss in the Doghouse
02.Enrique Granados - Intermezzo aus Goyescas
03.Charles Gounod - Petite Etude-Scherzo
04.Giovanni Bottesini - Passione Amorosa
05.Giovanni Bottesini - Air d'il Trovatore
06.Daryl Runswick - Suite and Low, American basses
07.Colin Brumby - Suite I
08.Colin Brumby - Suite II
09.Colin Brumby - Suite III
10.D´Angel Pena - Ballade pour Ariston
11.D´Angel Pena - Étude monotone pour Johnny
12.Knut Guettler - Variations on the tune Greensleeves
13.Knut Guettler - Rendezvous

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Knut Guettler - Variations on the tune Greensleeves

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